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WJSN Launches The First and Only Job Search Course Just for Moms

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2018

Despite corporate diversity recruiting efforts, in 2018 many working mothers struggle to land news jobs due to the rise in competition and complexity of recruiting processes. To help women navigate the murky and confusing world of job hunting, Tracy Saunders, an ex-Amazon and ex-Google recruiter releases the first job search course created specifically for mothers.

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Although job announcements regularly appear on numerous job boards, landing a new role is more time consuming and tedious than ever. Companies receive hundreds and even thousands of applications each year. To stand out in a meaningful way, women – moms in particular -- must take a more strategic approach to finding and landing their land a dream job.

“For women who’ve been out of the workforce for a few years, technology has changed the way companies hire. Otherwise, challenges arise in closing resumes gaps, or as I often hear, looking for a new role while you’re out on maternity leave or when your family is relocated,” Tracy Saunders said. “The answer is sometimes basic, and otherwise a bit more complex, but until now there’s never been a job search resource specific to the unique situation of moms and their needs”, she added.

In the ‘Search Like a Mother’™ job course women will learn what recruiters are truly looking for in a resume, the step-by-step 15 minute per day search and why that is the maximum amount of time which should be dedicated to the process, and tips for finding the best companies which support working moms and their needs.

Throughout her career Ms. Saunders has help thousands land new jobs and launch exciting careers. Now she’s on a mission to empower women confidentially seek out roles that will support the financial needs of their family and their personal wellbeing.

“The results blew me away; I went from zero replies to an inbox flooded with interview invites and even straight out offers. There were so many things which I had no idea about, but once I learned about them, everything changed. Thanks to this course I managed to land a new job with a better title, salary increase and a more flexible working schedule”, Stephanie M. from Seattle declared. She currently works as a financial director in a popular company.

The ‘Search Like a Mother’ job course also provides insight and essential tips straight from recruiters world. “There are many things which I learned through my long career as recruiter, especially at high-profile companies. I want to share my insider tips with the struggling mothers out there, since I know how difficult it is to accomplish financial needs of yourself and your children. In this course women will get straight-forward advice and inside scoop no one ever talks about”, Tracy Saunders said.



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