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Success Story: Stephanie

Uncategorized Apr 23, 2018
Please enjoy the first of our small feature series on some incredible women who navigated there job search successfully. Read on to learn more about how they did it...

For this featurette, we spoke to Stephanie.

What was your situation when you began looking for work:

My job search began shortly after I went back to my job after maternity leave. While I was still being promoted and rewarded for the work that I was doing, I had come to a few discoveries while I had been out. I was no longer willing, or truly able to work the hours I had been expected to contribute and be satisfied as an employee. I had also had conversations with peers in the industry and came to the realization that for the level of expertise and dedication I brought to my role I was being underpaid.

What was your goal:

My goal was to find a position where my knowledge and expertise were rewarded, but where the fact that I brought unique life experiences to the table were also celebrated.  


Within 9 months I had a new job at a great employer that not only rewards me for the technical expertise that I have in my field, but also within the first month encouraged me to join my groups Culture & Climate initiative. 

How long did it take:

9 months from the first decision point of beginning to apply.

How did looking for a new job change your life:

I began to realize my own worth and that the only person who was going to be looking out for myself and my family was me. 

Best tip:

Don't try to do it on your own. There will be days where you second guess why you are putting yourself out there and trying for the next step in your career, or the next job. It's an incredibly vulnerable position to be in and having someone in your corner makes it way easier.  

Former Title:

Manager, Global Deal Support & Commerical Operations

New Title:

Global Program Controller



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