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What's The Deal With Cover Letters? We Surveyed 10k Recruiters and Here's What They Said...

advice Aug 01, 2019
If you're looking for a new job, it might surprise you to know what recruiters really think of cover letters.
As someone who recruited for over 15 years, I have my own opinions about cover letters, but when I launched a company to help job seekers across various industries, I wanted to be sure I was giving the appropriate advice. So this year, I unofficially surveyed a group of over 10k recruiters to find out whether or not you should spend your time (or money) on cover letters....
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Returners, Here's The Best Kept Secret to Landing a Job at Your Dream Company

advice Mar 15, 2018

As published in Nafe, by Tracy Saunders.

Re-entering the workplace may be difficult, but it certainly isn't impossible.

Women with children make up a majority of the labor force but if you've ever taken time off, you know that getting back in can be tough. The longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to find work.

Overcoming Sexism, Age, and Salary Discrimination

Women in the workforce still face challenges that include sexism, age and salary discrimination, lack of benefits and...

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Moms, 2018 Is Your Year To Get Hired

advice Feb 22, 2018

Published by Forbes, 02/01/18

Author, Tracy Saunders

Given that 50% of the US workforce is made up of women and 70% of them have children under 18, it’s about time hiring trends shift to reflect these stats — most notably in the emergence of training and placement programs designed to accommodate working moms. Here are five trends that mamas who are re-entering the job market or transitioning to another profession should know about in 2018.

1. I Love Returnships...

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Why Women Really Quit Their Jobs

advice Feb 19, 2018

This might make me sound like a feminist, so be it.

But my entire feed is blowing up about the survey “Why People Really Quit Their Jobs” conducted by some pretty amazing people at Harvard Business Review.

There’s so much to love about this article, and the idea of job creation makes me swoon, especially as I work to help so many women sort through cookie-cutter job descriptions and battle their own imposter syndrome.

And to another point, I always tell...

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