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Get step-by-step guided support and everything you need to confidently land a job you love

for a fraction of the price of expensive coaching


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Are you a woman...


✔︎ who knows you deserve more at work but can't decide whether to stay or jump ship?

✔︎ who's returning to work after a gap but aren't sure where to start?

✔︎ who's tired of being mom-shamed because your work culture doesn't get it?

✔︎ Or, are you already looking for work and getting nowhere?


Avoiding your job search

(or staying in a role where you're undervalued)

results in $1000s in lost income 

and MASSIVE missed opportunities to uplevel

your career and life.

That ends here.


The Breakthrough Club

is the first job search program of its kind that...


Is exclusively for women at EVERY stage of life

After years of talking to thousands of candidates just like you, we realized that women look for new jobs for much the same way – based on their lifestyle goals.
So whether you’re already working, returning to work, changing careers, or are desperately underemployed, you’ll get the solutions you need to succeed as a woman whereever you are in life.

Provides REAL-TIME support (without the crazy price-tag)

You don’t need a $1,000 resume makeover, you need answers right now, for what you’re facing today, from job search experts who’ve been where you are. It’s this insider knowledge and support that will give you the clarity and confidence to take actionable step that will produce immediate results.

Shows how to make being a woman work for you instead of against you

Self-doubt, confusion, avoidance, overwhelm – all the things women let get in the way achieving what they deserve at work. We’ll remove those barriers by giving you a step-by-step road map that will change the way you approach your job search today and from now.


Job Search,

It's Just Different for Us

A note from your head coach and biggest fan...
Founder, Tracy Saunders

Imagine… an Executive Recruiter who’s worked for companies like Google and Amazon, placed thousands of candidates, and reviewed tens of thousands of resumes… can’t get a foot in the door after having twins and finds herself strung out, out of a job and out to lunch.

Yep. That’s what happened. And if this can happen to me, you certainly don’t have to feel embarrassed if it’s happening to you. Because here’s the truth…

The system is broken. There’s a gap between how women search… and recruiters find. I founded WJSN to bridge that gap – so you know exactly what to do to land a job that fits your desired lifestyle and income goals (and get to your happy place faster).

Get the strategies, tools and resources I've use to help thousands of women to skip the time-suck, the rejection game and feel 100% empowered to land the right job in record time.



What's in the Breakthrough Club? 

Everything you need to succeed including...




We Change Lives Every Day. 

Be Next.

Meet just a few of the experts standing by to answer your questions


Hey! Stop fiddling with that fancy resumé template. It won't work.

But this will.


Secrets to a Wildly Successful Job Search:

Get a 90 day step-by-step path just for women (because who’s got time for random job boards and generic advice?)

There are 2 ways to look for work:

  1. The lit-up, so-excited-you-can’t-sleep way ...or...
  2. The energy-draining, time-sucking, would-prefer-to-be-cleaning-toilets way

Here’s what you need to know. What worked last time you looked for a job doesn’t work any more. Whether it was 10 years ago or 10 months ago, times have changed.

It’s time to hold up on the endless scrolling and trolling of job boards, and figure out what’s actually working right now.

Know what to do and when to do it (every week and every day)...

Your job search roadmap will show you a path that’s unique to your current situation.

...whether you’re in a job you don’t love,

...or you’ve hit the glass ceiling,

...or you’re just plain sick of making less money than your male coworkers, and getting passed up for the juiciest promotions.

With your plan in hand, you’ll know exactly what to do, when and how to do it.

You'll also get these exclusive bonuses created by us just for you!


BONUS #1 - Returnship Research Whitepaper

Want to know where all the returnships are, how long they last and when they start? We've spent thousands of dollars researching and compiling the most update to information on all programs focused on bringing women back to work after a break. Review by date, paid/unpaid, industry and more.

Value $997

BONUS #2 - Done for You Networking Scripts

Everyone keeps saying to network but no one tells you what to say, in a way that works for you. Grab our scripts and copy paste. We'll give you ideas for every type of outreach.

Value $197

When you add it all up, that’s a total bonus value $1,194!

Let's end your job search confusion and overwhelm once and for all, together.


Receive 3 months of live support and the confidence you need to succeed for a fraction of the price of coaching.




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Save instantly!

Save instantly! Includes a personalized video resume review.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you're just exploring, thinking about changing careers, are an executive, the 30-day Breakththrough Club is going to set you up for success.

Being prepared for when the right opportunity comes along is the very best way to ensure you'll be ready to make a move. 

You'll have lifetime access to the material, lifetime discounts, and 3 months of live support. 


Your purchase gives you 3 months of access to a private WJSN portal with a job search planner (you can download), 2 live support calls every month, our returnship research, the LinkedIn Makeover email series, members only job alerts and access to our private WJSN Members facebook group. 

Every week, our Founder, Tracy Saunders, a 20-year veteran recruiter answers your most pressing questions over video. Submit your question in advance through the private portal and hop on to hear the answer. This is a one-way video so you can keep don't have to worry about being on camera. Keep your hair in a bun and listen as we answer member questions.

Can't make the time?

We'll also post the recordings for you and you can remain completely anonymous!

What would a boost of confidence or some clarity mean to you?

We're proud to offer this service to our members at a highly accessible cost and provide you with direct access to a recruiting expert for an extremely low cost! 💕

Whether you're an executive, admin, engineer or return to work, if you have job search questions, we have the answers, just for you.

We've worked hard to keep the pricing as affordable and accessible as possible. When you sign up you'll have access to all of the tools and research we've mentioned, so we are unable to issue refunds. If you need something specific that you aren't getting you can always let us know and we'll work to help you! That's what we're here for!


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