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Abigail Solomon

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Tell us about you…
I’m the person you want on your team to get things done. I’m always open to helping and sharing resources when projects get tough and am approachable, good-natured and persistent at succeeding.

What or who inspires you? 
Leaders that are not afraid to show vulnerability in the face of adversity and are their authentic selves while also navigating the politics of an organization.

If you can tell a future employer why they should hire you, what would you say? 
I have always been a dedicated, committed, and hardworking employee. As a leader, I always strive to embody what it is to be a servant leader. You will have a hard time finding someone with more heart and passion for making the business function better.

Tell us about your great accomplishment in life to date. 
One of my favorite moments was helping a company merge a recent acquisition into our network – the accomplishment was a milestone for me personally because it was a challenge to see what I could get done with a set of very complex customers in a very short time frame. I’m happy to say…we did it – it was a team effort and it required some long hours, but we got it done. We had over 65 customers ranging from 5,000+ lines with 7 trunks, a customer with 39 sites… there were so many variables and we got it done in less than 45 days.

What do you value in a team? 
A family environment. A team that can disagree but also come to an agreement – that’s a treasure.

Abigail Solomon's Rocking Resume

Abigail Solomon's Rocking Resume


Tell us a fun fact about you!
While I have an undergrad & Masters in business …I almost completed my undergrad in Studio Art before switching majors. I still paint & draw today!

Tell us about what you find inspiring about working on a “social good” project.
It is important that we are giving back and ensuring we pay it forward. I admire companies that invest in the communities around them.

What other types of initiatives are important to you?
Charity/Volunteering Initiatives 

What is your timeframe for changing jobs?
Urgent, I’m actively looking

Who is your dream employer and why?
Google, not only for the creativity…I heard that they understand the concept of hiring for the right kind of thinking and teaching/training skill sets that can be learned that people may not already possess. That is truly investing in people.

What types of roles are you targeting? Why?
Project/Product Management & Operations – I’ve always been recruited to help organize chaos. I’m really good at strategy, seeing the bigger picture and helping companies see how we can build processes, improve a process and create a functioning implementation route.

Tell us about your dream team
A leader committed to developing me in areas I need to be pushed, teammates that are ‘all in’ and are of the one for all and all for one mentality, high accountability, extreme ownership.

What is your location preference?
Baton Rouge

Are you open to other locations? 

What is your greatest accomplishment (life or work)?
I had a project virtually dropped on me that was someone else’s and was expected to fail. The scope of the project required a clean-up of over 10K errors before we were to integrate 3 back end provisioning systems. I took control of the project and was able to clean up the errors within a 6-week time frame. When the integration took place, we had a less than a 1% error rate when testing took place, which insinuates I did a very good job of cleaning up the errors in such a short period of time by myself. 🙂

Why did you choose this career? What is your career goal?
I’d like to expand into other industries. I think I’ve got a lot to offer and my skills are transferable to roles outside of the cable world. My goal is to successfully make that cross over and excel in a new environment.

In your next role, what skills do you feel you would like to learn or need to develop?
I’m interested in growing my web development skills and learning more about the Javascript ecosystem. I would like to keep up with the latest tools to create powerful mobile applications with great user experience.


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