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...without sounding desperate, feeling like a stalker, or wasting hours crafting messages no one will ever see. Give yourself a totally unfair advantage

Just copy and paste these actual scripts that average 90% responses!

Is there anything more painful than sending cold, desperate messages to random strangers?

It’s a mild form of torture. And you end up saying all the worst things.

(As veterans of the recruiting scene, we've seen it A-L-L.)

“Can I schedule a time with you to talk about this role? I think I’d make a really good candidate.”

“I am interested to exploring opportunities. Any chance we can talk on the phone? I would appreciate it.”

We can’t chat on the phone.

Let’s be real here. No one has time.

And unless you have something compelling to say, you’re eating up some recruiter’s precious minutes—which is why most of those cold messages never get a reply. They’re a complete waste of time.

...but not if you have these scripts.


Use these scripts to get your response rate as high as 90%


All 3 done-for-you scripts contain the critical words and phrases that could get you up to a 90% response rate on your cold outreach.

(And before you ask: No, you don’t need more than 3.)

The best opportunities aren’t found through job boards and search engines. They’re what happens when two people connect in a real way.

And those are the kind of connections there scripts will help you make.


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Tracy here!

I'm the Founder of Women's Job Search Network.

I've been recruiting a long time and I'm frustrated.

Because I see a lot of experts giving advice and it's just plain WRONG.

Those canned, generate templates you can get for free... They DON'T work.

That's why I'm excited to share the techniques I've been perfecting during the last 20 years of my career.

I'm giving you the actual formula you can use to get recruiters/hr reps/hiring managers and influencers to respond to you -- so you don't miss opportunities.

And don't worry. You won't sound “braggy” or “self-important" but instead quite the opposite.

If you could reach a potential employer for the price of latte, would it be worth it?

Grab these Networking Scripts/Templates and give yourself a unique advantage to connect to those you never thought possible.

Please stop questioning yourself and get this one time offer because in 48 hours it goes away.

You don’t need to hire a $2000/hour “LinkedIn Expert” to get noticed


You don’t need a life coach or to go to professional networking events.

All you need is to consistently reach out to a few new people a day, using these scripts.



Not only will you learn best practices for reaching out to talent acquisition managers and recruiters on LinkedIn, I’ll show you the EXACT words you need to use in your outreach.

★ Script #1:

What to write to the recruiter, human resources rep and hiring manager

★ Script #2:

What to write to someone you don't know at the company you're targeting

★ Script #3:

What to write to a big time influencer or leader in your industry


You already know that browsing job boards is time-consuming & ineffective.

Let's get you started on a system that will save you time and get you back to work FASTER, at a BETTER job, with more happiness to go with it.

Don't wing it for one more day.  Get it right the first time and use these scripts to give yourself an unfair advantage. 

(Ok, it's not really unfair!)


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