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Tracy Saunders, CEO

Tracy has 20 years' experience recruiting for top-tier companies like Google, Amazon and Cisco. Her background running complex hiring initiatives and speaking with thousands of candidates highlighted a gap in recruiting methodologies and the way women look for work.

She is a diversity recruiting industry expert and female jobseeker advocate whose articles can be seen in Forbes, Scary Mommy, Working Mother, TLNT, and National Association for Female Executives.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Critical Gender Studies from the University of California, San Diego.


Annie Tamburro, Growth

For over the past twelve years Ms.Tamburro has built and solidified her reputation as an
accomplished leader. At WJSN, she is driving the overall growth of the company. She is responsible for the identification, execution, acquisition, and stewardship of new and current clients and partners.

Arriving in the United States in 2000 from Pakistan, her unique perspective and passion to succeed, propelled her from Marriott Int. to a Senior Sales role at Xerox and then on to her prior position, Director of Development for a startup spun out of CMU. While there, Ms. Tamburro’s hyper-growth sales efforts led to a multi-million dollar venture capital investment for the company in under a year.


Danielle Moghan, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility, Uber

As the Vice President and Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility at one of the
world’s most innovative firms, Danielle Monaghan manages a global team of
accomplished professionals committed to hiring the best talent on the planet for one of
the most leading-edge companies of our time.
Ms. Monaghan built her career by developing diverse and inventive teams. Her
extensive leadership and unwavering drive played a crucial role in the success of
companies such as Amazon, Cisco, and Microsoft, and has enabled immense growth
by attracting top-tier talent at scale.
Prior to her senior position at Uber, Ms. Monaghan was the Director of Consumer for
Talent at Amazon and most recently led a team focused on building out Amazon’s new
healthcare endeavor, Haven. In partnership with JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Berkshire
Hathaway, Haven’s mission is to improve healthcare for 1.2 million employees and
family members in the United States.
The goal of Women’s Job Search Network — to empower women to land jobs they love
— intersects with Danielle’s values and current mission at Uber as she continues to
ignite opportunity.
Danielle holds an Executive MBA degree from Cornell University and an MBA from
Queens University.

Roni Smith, Head of North American Recruitment, ThoughtWorks

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Roni Smith has over 20
years of wide-ranging experience in human resources and recruiting which has enabled
her lifelong passion of empowering people and organizations to achieve their highest potential.
Currently, Ms. Smith is the North American Head of Recruitment for ThoughtWorks, a global software development consultancy that creates smart teams and innovative software solutions while advocating for positive social change by collaborating with humanitarian-mission organizations through its Social Impact Program.
In her prior role at Amazon, Ms. Smith was a respected thought-leader and Talent Acquisition Manager, where she hired the first 50 economists into Amazon and also created its Recruiter Academy Program, which mobilized a team of “on demand” recruiters. She also hired key staff that developed Amazon’s autonomous drone delivery
program, Prime Air.

Throughout her career, Ms. Smith has held positions at Microsoft and a number of startups adding her experience for rapid and robust hiring to grow diverse, excellence-driven teams.
Ms. Smith holds a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of Massachusetts,

Head of Learning and Development, Diversity & Inclusion, and Employee Experience

Driven to empower teams to function at their highest level, Nitya Shekar blends her background in human resources and interest in neuroscience to expand what is considered possible in corporate management.

Currently, Ms. Shekar is the Head of Learning and Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Employee Experience at Collibra, the leading data intelligence company and system of record for enterprise data citizens which raised 100 million in Series E funding from CapitalG (Google) in January 2019. In her role, Nitya harnesses the full potential of a talented 500-person workforce while empowering the organization’s ability to scale rapidly.
Ms. Shekar was also an early member of both Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development teams at AppNexus, a cloud-based ad-tech software platform in New York that raised $250 million in financing and scaled to 23 global offices before being acquired by AT&T for over 1.6 billion in 2016.
Prior to her senior management role at Collibra, she was Vice President for People Ops at the fintech startup Better Mortgage. Her experience has shown her that the recruitment of diverse teams — around whom a trustful communication environment is created — leads to better corporate business outcomes.
Nitya double majored in Psychology and Spanish at Rice University and is a graduate of Harvard Law School.


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